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No Strings Attached

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2019 год
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Samantha Brady's to-do list is simple…Sell her novel, have a baby and find the man of her dreams–though not necessarily in that order. Trouble is, she has writer's block, hasn't had a date in months and lives platonically with her best friend, Jack Turner, the only man who has ever met her Prince Charming criteria.She and Jack have always avoided romantic entanglements of any kind, especially with each other. No strings. No fuss. No heartaches. Until one night of too much wine and too few inhibitions takes their friendship to a whole new level.Sam's to-do list–and her life–are turned completely upside down. She's realized she wouldn't mind a «string» or two–but is she too late to keep her perfect guy from walking out the door?

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781474026604