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Out of Order

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2018 год
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Free-spirited? Of course. Unorthodox? Surely!Jailbird? No way. Until the cops come with irresistible proof–and handcuffs!Yep, Shelby Jacobs is busted for gunrunning–but all she knows is that her boss is a jerk. More temp jobs won't cover her bail–or even get a decent lawyer. Luckily, Shelby's roommate's fiance's partner (don't ask) can take the case. Trouble is, the feelings Dallas Williams stirs in Shelby are quite indecent–especially as she knows she'll never fit into his structured world.Still, since Shelby always pays her debts, she takes a temporary job with Dallas's irm–and promptly starts interfering with his other cases. Will her impulsive ways lead to another fall?And does she care?

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9781474026215