Tales of Terror and Mystery

Tales of Terror and Mystery
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Tales of Terror and Mystery is a collection of Arthur Conan Doyle stories including:

Tales of Terror: "The Horror of the Heights", "The Leather Funnel", "The New Catacomb", "The Case of Lady Sannox", "The Terror of Blue John Gap", "The Brazilian Cat".

Tales of Mystery: "The Lost Special", "The Beetle-Hunter", "The Man with the Watches", "The Japanned Box", "The Black Doctor", "The Jew's Breastplate".

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  • Tales of Terror
  • Tale 1. The horror of the heights
  • Tale 2. The leather funnel
  • Tale 3. The new catacomb
  • Tale 4. The case of lady Sannox
  • Tale 5. The terror of Blue John Gap
  • Tale 6. The brazilian cat
  • Tales of Mystery
  • Tale 1. The lost special
  • Tale 2. The beetle-hunter
  • Tale 3. The man with the watches
  • Tale 4. The japanned box
  • Tale 5. The black doctor
  • Tale 6. The jew's breastplate