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Talk to Me Tenderly, Tell Me Lies

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2018 год


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О книге

An unforgettable tale of adventure and heartache in the unforgiving Australian Outback.A stirring account of a woman’s awakening – tension, passion and heart-stopping action.Helen McKenzie is looking into the future and she doesn’t like what she sees.Her role as a mother is almost over – her husband works thousands of miles away, her children will soon leave home – and she is alone in the Australian Outback, facing a terrible dilemma. Should she take off to pursue her unfulfilled ambitions, or stay behind, a faithful wife, locked in predictable security?Ben Sunninghill has all the freedom he wants. Travelling the world on a motorbike, this carefree stranger from New York never spends long in one place – until he appears in Helen’s backyard to borrow a spanner, stays on to help out around the farm, and ends up changing their lives forever.Ben gives Helen the confidence to take control of her own destiny, but finds himself losing control of his. As Helen and Ben battle with their feelings, a storm of troubles is brewing that will leave behind a trail of broken lives …

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