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An Almost Perfect Moon

An Almost Perfect Moon

An Almost Perfect Moon
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2018 год
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Commitment. You’ve taken the first Big Step: Marriage. So what comes next? The Mortgage? The Career Choice? Even….The Baby? Does one thing really lead to another?Flin and his friends are facing new commitments, and life is certainly not going as predicted, or as expected.Flin abandons the city whirl for a low key job in the country and the idyllic lifestyle – or is it? Ben has it all: the high flying career, ideal home and perfect family – but what happened to the fun and excitement? And Harry seems destined to become the eternal bachelor. Bored with the line-up of suitable girls, he yearns for his first love, glimpsed across a crowded room.Jamie Holland’s uncannily accurate portrayal of contemporary life is infused with warmth, humour and even optimism. An Almost Perfect Moon is a more than perfect summer read.

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9780007387847