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The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard

The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard
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Brigadier Gerard is an officer in Napoleon's army, recklessly brave, engagingly openhearted, and unshakable, if not a little absurd, in his devotion to the enigmatic Emperor. The Brigadier's wonderful comic adventures, long established in the affections of Conan Doyle's admirers as second only to those of the incomparable Holmes, are sure to find new devotees among the ardent fans.

  • 1. How the brigadier came to the castle of Gloom
  • 2. How the brigadier slew the brothers of Ajaccio
  • 3. How the brigadier held the king
  • 4. How the king held the brigadier
  • 5. How the brigadier took the field against the marshal Millefleurs
  • 6. How the brigadier played for a kingdom
  • 7. How the brigadier won his medal
  • 8. How the brigadier was tempted by the devil