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The Adventures of Brigadier Gerard

The Adventures of Brigadier Gerard
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The Adventures of Gerard is a compilation of short stories that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote regarding a French Brigadier named Etienne Gerard who thinks very highly of himself as can be reflected in how he told his stories. The book is divided into chapters containing different segments of his life as a soldier under the leadership of Napoleon together with his personal exploits and the romance that swept his way in between.

  • Preface
  • I. How Brigadier Gerard Lost His Ear
  • II. How the Brigadier Captured Saragossa
  • III. How the Brigadier Slew the Fox[1]
  • IV. How the Brigadier Saved the Army
  • V. How the Brigadier Triumphed in England
  • VI. How the Brigadier Rode to Minsk
  • VII. How the Brigadier Bore Himself at Waterloo
  • VIII. The Last Adventure of the Brigadier
  • Примечания