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Getting It Now!

Getting It Now!

Getting It Now!
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2019 год
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TV chef Carrie Robbins (aka The Negligee Gourmet) thinks her archrival Philip Mallory is the ultimate food snob, but the network wants them to tape a cooking series together. The stuffy Brit just doesn't get Carrie's take on cuisine: serving up a mouthwatering dish while dressed like one.Well, if he can't take the heat, he can get out of the kitchen!Only, after she and Philip share a stimulating session of beating and whipping–eggs, that is!–Carrie realizes two things. First, that even though the so-called king of cooking is as difficult as a chocolate soufflé, he's even more delicious. And second, that one taste isn't going to be nearly enough….

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781472075178