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Escape to the Cotswolds

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2019 год
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‘What a wonderful romance…I simply loved it!’ Lori Belcher (NetGalley Reviewer)Can love blossom in the countryside?Artist Holly Hunter is turning her life upside-down! She’s leaving the bright lights of London (and a cheating husband) behind her and hoping for a fresh start as she escapes to the peaceful Cotswolds countryside.Men are off the cards for Holly. Instead, she’s focusing on her little gallery and adopting an adorable Border Collie puppy named Tubs. Or so she thought…Because no matter how hard she tries to resist him, local vet Adam Whitney is utterly gorgeous. And in a village as small as this one, Holly can only avoid Adam for so long!Fans of Milly Johnson, Caroline Roberts and Jill Mansell will love this heart-warming read!

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9780008259273