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Desire And Deception

Desire And Deception

Desire And Deception
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2019 год
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Dark Secrets, Forbidden Desires, Scandalous Discoveries…Welcome to a glittering new six-part saga set in Australia. This, and every novel to come, features a gripping romance that stands by itself, as the passion, scandals and hopes that exist between two fabulously rich families are revealed. But you'll also find yourself hooked throughout the series, as Gemma Smith searches for the secret of her true identity and fights for ruthless seducer Nathan Whitmore's love… .Jade had a special name for Kyle Armstrong – Mr. Cool . Her father had hired him as the new marketing manager of Whitmore Opals – the job she wanted! But, the more she tried to hate Kyle, the more she found him attractive; this was real desire!Jade felt uneasy about Gemma, though, because real love was what the poor, innocent girl felt for Nathan, and Jade had no illusions about the type of man her adoptive brother was – could Kyle Armstrong be made the same way as Nathan… with ice in his veins, instead of hot blood?

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781408985533