A Horse's Tale

A Horse's Tale
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"A Horse's Tale" is a novel written partially in the voice of Soldier Boy, who is Buffalo Bill's favorite horse, at a fictional frontier outpost with the U.S. 7th Cavalry.

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  • Chapter I. Soldier Boy―Privately To Himself
  • Chapter II. Letter From Rouen―To General Alison
  • Chapter III. General Alison To His Mother
  • Chapter IV. Cathy To Her Aunt Mercedes
  • Chapter V. General Alison To Mercedes
  • Chapter VI. Soldier Boy And The Mexican Plug
  • Chapter VII. Soldier Boy And Shekels
  • Chapter VIII. The Scout-Start BB And Lieutenant General Alison
  • Chapter IX. Soldier Boy And Shekels Again
  • Chapter X. General Alison And Dorcas
  • Chapter XI. Several Months Later. Antonio And Thorndike
  • Chapter XII. Mongrel And The Other Horse
  • Chapter XIII. General Alison To His Mother
  • Chapter XIV. Soldier―Boy To Himself
  • Chapter XV. General Alison To Mrs. Drake, The Colonel’s Wife