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On Sins and Virtues

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2020 год
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His Beatitude Lubomyr Husar (1933-2017) is a great sage and spiritual leader who lived and worked in keeping with the teachings of the Scriptures, a man with a great heart, with great love for life and people, with a desire to know others. The numerous trials and tribulations that fell to his lot not only failed to break him, but, on the contrary, strengthened his spirit and faith.

The book is a talk about human virtues and sins. It gives the reader an opportunity to look at routine situations from a new perspective, to rethink their relationships with others and get a deeper insight into the foundations of spiritual life. This is a real guide to the numerous occasions when we face a moral dilemma. In an easy and accessible manner the author shares his vision of the traits inherent in an individual person as well as society as a whole. He shows how we can get rid of our blemishes and how we can develop the best in our souls that God has bestowed upon each of us. The book is illustrated by drawings selected by the jury of the Competition for the best children's illustration to Lubomyr Husar s book «On Sins and Virtues».

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Год издания: 2020

Дата поступления: 06 марта 2020

Объем: 59.5 тыс. знаков