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The Betrayer

The Betrayer

The Betrayer
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2018 год
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If you can’t trust your family…A family at war. A mother who comes out fighting…Maureen Hutton’s life has never been easy. Married to an alcoholic and stuck on a council estate in East London, she scrimps and saves to bring up her three children alone.Murder, the underworld, drug addiction – over four decades, Maureen sticks by her blood through thick and thin. But then the unforgivable happens. Maureen is told a terrible secret which threatens to rip her family apart. She can’t say anything. She is too frightened of causing a bloodbath.The only thing Maureen can do is to get rid of the betrayer, before it is too late.

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9780008228637