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Silent Warning

Silent Warning

Silent Warning
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2018 год
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SHE'D RISK HER NECK TO EXPOSE THE TRUTHKelly Weir wouldn't rest until she brought a murderer to his knees. But if Summer Shores's swirling riptide was any indication, she was in way over her head. Now targeted by the killer, Kelly's very survival depended on an enigmatic stranger with a penchant for keeping dangerous secrets….HE'D CROSS THE LINE TO PROTECT HERPlagued by his role in developing the breakthrough prescription drug that was now being peddled on the black market, Dan Steele joined forces with Kelly to smoke out the «Candy Man.» Blindsided by raw, primal desire, he became overwhelmed by his need to protect the captivating beauty. But love was a distraction he couldn't afford. One wrong move and they just might find themselves trapped in the mastermind's lethal maze….

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9781472034601