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Neurosurgeon . . . and Mum!

Neurosurgeon . . . and Mum!

Neurosurgeon . . . and Mum!
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2018 год
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О книге

When Amy Rivers’ dreams of a family were shattered by her ex-fiancé, she dedicated herself to neurosurgery, where she’s kept her head—and her heart—ever since.Now, with her career in shreds, Amy needs a lifeline. She escapes to the one place she’s always called home—to find the new village doctor, Tom Ashby, and his motherless little daughter Perdy sharing her retreat.Amy tries to keep her longings locked up tight, but enchanted by the sad little girl…and captivated by Tom’s heart-melting smile…she finds her shattered dreams come flooding back. Life has been tough for all of them, but together can they make each other whole?

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9781408918135