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Need to Know Fertility, Conception and Pregnancy

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2019 год


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This one-stop practical guide will show you how to maximise your chances of having a baby and prepare week-by-week during your pregnancy for a relaxed and confident birth. Two reliable and accessible titles, complete with colour photos and expert advice throughout, combined into one ebook.Need to Know Fertility and Conception answers all the questions you want to know the answers to, it also explains when you're most fertile and how often to have sex; what factors can prevent or reduce fertilization and conception; how to enhance your fertility; how to get the most out of your GP; how to overcome stress and other emotional blocks to pregnancy; the different fertility treatments and contains sources of information, suggestions for further reading, support groups and websites.Need to Know Pregnancy gives a complete overview of baby development during pregnancy through to birth. Its combination of conventional mainstream and complementary medical info reflects the way most pregnant women approach their care today. There’s also plenty of information for the father-to-be. Contents includes: week by week overview; what to expect at appointments; eating well; exercising and relaxing; labour and birth; A-Z of common problems.

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