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Treading Lightly

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2018 год


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Treading lightly had never been Janine Ruvacado's (pronounced: rude avocado) philosophy…The bestselling writer (former) had a way of grabbing life and wrestling it to the ground. Only these days, the wrestling was getting tiresome. If her crazy, passive-aggressive ex-husband wasn't cooking something up to badger her with, then her mother, Betty Black (the anti-Betty White) was calling to remind her of her shortcomings. Her son, her pride and joy, was becoming a teen (and everyone knows what that means).The icing on the cake, though, was when Harvey, her wellmeaning doctor, decided to blackmail her into, of all things, exercising because he'd diagnosed her with osteoporosis. Wasn't her life enough to manage?So, Janine bought herself a membership to the local gym, and started walking on the treadmill. Surprisingly, a whole new world opened up with each step she took…and that had a lot to do with the man walking right next to her.

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