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Drifting South

Drifting South

Drifting South
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2018 год
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Shady is the town where I grew up in every way a young man could, where I saw every kind of good and bad there is to see.Everybody found their true nature in Shady. In a single day, Benjamin Purdue lost his family, his love, his freedom and even his name for reasons he’s never known. Now Ben, the boy he used to be, is dead. And Henry Cole, the man he’s become, is no one he would ever want to know.With only a few dollars in his pocket, Henry journeys back to the dangerous town where it all began. The only place he’s ever called home. As he drifts southward, he gets closer to the beautiful woman whose visit to Shady all those years ago ended in a killing. A woman who holds the keys to his past…and his future.

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9781408910894