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The Real Romero

The Real Romero

The Real Romero
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2018 год
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The Secret BillionaireBillionaire Lucas Romero is many things – brooding, talented and a consummate womaniser. The one thing he’s not? The ‘ski instructor’ beautiful, innocent Milly Mayfield thought she was giving herself to in a sumptuous, secluded French ski chalet! And now she’s livid!Arrogant playboy Lucas is bewildered by Milly’s decidedly unusual reaction to the revelation of his substantial wealth – he’s never had complaints before! But even Milly cannot ignore the sexual chemistry between them so when a family emergency means he needs a willing woman by his side, Milly suddenly finds herself whisked away to Spain… and engaged!Praise for Cathy WilliamsTo Sin with the Tycoon 4* RT Book ReviewWilliams’ office romance is a Cinderella-esque tale between her very un-Prince Charming-type hero and her cautiously reserved heroine who’ve both overcome horrendous childhoods. Her authentic English settings inspire, and the relationship-building is truly well done.Enthralled by Moretti 4.5* RT Book ReviewWilliams’ postcard-perfect UK backdrop adds depth to her tale. The blatant sexual banter between her ruthlessly arrogant hero and her unrepentant, behind-her-walls heroine effectively connects them to readers, and their bedroom antics are emotionally and physically arousing.The Uncompromising Italian 4* RT Book ReviewWilliams’ opposites-attract romance is spicy and sweet, opulently set in both the UK and Italy. The characters’ bumbling road to love is frustrating, comical and touching.

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9781472098474