Rodney Stone

Rodney Stone
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As well as penning some of the most popular detective fiction, Conan Doyle also wrote thrilling adventure stories. 'Rodney Stone' is a combination of both. Nelson, Beau Brummell, Fox and King George III himself appear in a tale at the heart of which is, as one character says, "a pretty conspiracy – a criminal, an actress and a prize-fighter, all playing their parts".

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  • Preface
  • Chapter I. Friar's oak
  • Chapter II. The walker of Cliffe Royal
  • Chapter III. The play-actress of Anstey Cross
  • Chapter IV. The peace of Amiens
  • Chapter V. Buck Tregellis
  • Chapter VI. On the threshold
  • Chapter VII. The hope of England
  • Chapter VIII. The Brighton road
  • Chapter IX. Watier's
  • Chapter X. The men of the ring
  • Chapter XI. The fight in the coach-house
  • Chapter XII. The coffee-room of Fladong's
  • Chapter XIII. Lord Nelson
  • Chapter XIV. On the road
  • Chapter XV. Foul play
  • Chapter XVI. Crawley Downs
  • Chapter XVII. The ring-side
  • Chapter XVIII. The Smith's last battle
  • Chapter XIX. Cliffe royal
  • Chapter XX. Lord Avon
  • Chapter XXI. The Valet's story
  • Chapter XXII. The end