From The Summer garden to The Winter Palace. Phototravel on The Left bank of Neva

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2017 год
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Documentary and art photostory about a left-bank part of St. Petersburg: about The Summer garden, with its openwork lattice… about Atlases, about The Winter Palace and The Palace Square, – about majestic ensemble marking The Great Victory over Napoleon’s hordes… about The Alexander Column which is still surprising the whole world… Supplied with several tens color photos, the story about The Nevsky Left bank, about The Moscow side of The Northern Capital, will not leave indifferent anybody.

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Правообладатель: Издательские решения

Год издания: 2017

ISBN (EAN): 9785449014481

Дата поступления: 01 ноября 2018

Объем: 25.9 тыс. знаков

ID: 228297