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2019 год
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A heartbreaking new novel about lost loves and past regrets. A guaranteed tearjerker.Blue Reynolds has the world at her feet. Her successful daytime chat show and the attendant wealth make her the envy of women all over the globe. But little do her fans know that behind the façade of designer clothes and luxury apartments, Blue is tormented by a tragic event in her past.Whilst on a work trip to Florida, Blue finds herself caught up in a love triangle between two men – a situation made even more problematic by the fact that the two men are father and son. Whilst Blue is drawn to her old flame Mitch, she also finds herself deeply attracted to his enigmatic son Julian.Her troubles are further increased when the press discover that she gave up a child for adoption as a troubled teen – a child that she has desperately tried to find in the years that followed.With the media camping outside her door, desperate to tarnish the reputation of one of the world's most famous women, Blue realizes she must face her demons and overcome her fears as well as follow her heart – even if that means giving up the life she has worked so hard to create.Old conflicts, long-held secrets, and thwarted expectations provoke the question of what makes love true. A compelling and poignant novel that will captivate readers of Anita Shreve and Rosie Thomas.

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9780007287635