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Even in the Darkness

Even in the Darkness

Even in the Darkness
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194 печ. страниц
2019 год
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Alone in a country she didn't know well, chased by men who were willing to kill to get what they wanted, Lakeview veterinarian Tori Riley would do anything to keep the daughter she gave up for adoption safe – even depend on a man who might not be telling her the truth.Called out of early retirement for one final job, former DEA agent Noah Stone didn't trust Tori's motives – what kind of vet gets herself tangled up with drug lords?But there was no time for questions, for every second brought an unscrupulous enemy closer to Tori's daughter….

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781408966037

Дата поступления: 11 января 2019

Объем: 351.0 тыс. знаков

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