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Settling The Score

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141 печ. страниц
2019 год
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Mills & Boon are proud to present a thrilling digital collection of all Sharon Kendrick’s novels and novellas for us to celebrate the publication of her amazing 100th book! Many of these books are available as e books for the first time.Revenge is a dish best served hot!Romy Salisbury was everything he despised in a woman and Dominic Dashwood couldn’t wait for retribution. Not usually a patient man, he has waited five years for this moment…But there are things Dominic doesn’t know about Romy, and when he discovers the true extent of her innocence, he is horrified. Now he must find a way to convince her to give him one last chance… but will she?Don’t miss the linked booksGetting Even, Kiss and Tell, and Wait and See by Sharon Kendrick

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781408985212

Дата поступления: 11 января 2019

Объем: 253.9 тыс. знаков