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Life Happens

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2019 год
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She's Hiding Something…Well, everyone is hiding something–but Mya Donohue's secret is knocking on the front door, in no uncertain terms. Mya is about to answer to the daughter she'd given birth to nineteen years ago, and Elle has news for her biological mother. Mya is not only a mom, but a grandmother, too. And Elle isn't sticking around for long. She can't.Offering Mya their assistance are her best friends–the only ones who will dare tell her the truth in unmitigated terms; her mother–a woman still sowing her own share of wild oats; and Elle's father–a man of few words, but usually memorable ones, at that. (Note: Mya's current fiancé has conveniently decided to take a long walk.)

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781472089069