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The 13th Apostle

The 13th Apostle
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A worldwide conspiracy thriller for the millions of fans of The Da Vinci Code who’ve been left thirsting for more…

Just one man can crack the code to the greatest mystery the world has ever known – if he survives…


Micah – Jesus' friend, trusted confidant, and the 13th Apostle – inscribes a message, upon which mankind's fate would one day be determined.

Present day:

Internet forensic specialist, Gil Pearson, is recruited to decipher an ancient diary and reveal Micah's hidden message, which may lead to the most mysterious of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Working with the enigmatic Sabbie Karaim, Gil becomes embroiled in an international mystery spanning two thousand years, and for which others would gladly give their lives – or, more willingly, take his.

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