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The Ex-Girlfriends' Club

The Ex-Girlfriends' Club

The Ex-Girlfriends' Club
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2019 год
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Police officer Eden Rutherford has only one weakness–bad boy Ben Wilder.With just one wicked glance, he could make her lose control, lose her heart…and lose her panties. Too bad he took all three with him when he hightailed it out of town three years ago. Now Ben's back, and Eden's bracing herself.First, for his assault on her libido. And second, for his reaction to BennettWildersucks.com, the Web site she and Ben's other ex-girlfriends put together to humiliate him. Only, one woman's going too far….Now Eden has to deal with a stalker and her overwhelming lust. She needs to get Ben out of her system, for good this time! And offering Ben her protection might just be the way to do it….

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781408959183