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Girl Most Likely To

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2018 год
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Success is all in how you define it With meticulous career planning and a couple of dirty martinis, there is very little that New York City investment banker Vina Chopra can’t do. And now that she’s decided to get serious about fi nding her mate, there is very little that Vina won’t try—even if it means letting her parents get involved. After all, what does she have to lose?Her longest-term relationship thus far has been with the ulcer she ultimately named Fred (unless you count the ex-boyfriend who won’t go away). Amid a series of dates with “the nice Indian doctor” and an offi ce scandal that could permanently end her career, Vina starts to question everything she’s been working for.Who has she been trying to please all these years? Is this the life that she really wants? Can she fi nally learn to put aside her family’s expectations long enough and become the girl most likely to find a happiness all her own?

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9781408997239