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Rookie Cop

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2019 год
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WHO'D LEFT A BABY ON HER DOORSTEP?And what was solitary, small-town schoolteacher Megan Cahill to do? Naturally, she'd nurture the abandoned infant. But she'd need the police to help locate the real mom…before the tiny mite wiggled its way into her empty heart.Trouble was, the handsome lawman Megan summoned proved to be her ex-husband–the once-beloved man who'd shattered her most cherished dreams. Worse, working closely with Jake, watching his muscular arms cradle the precious infant, evoked powerful, passionate longings for the love they'd lost. But could one sweet baby heal their painful past and forge them a new future–as a family–forever?

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781472081735