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This Is My Child

This Is My Child

This Is My Child
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2019 год
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A FATHER'S DILEMMAGiles Haverill adored his adopted son, though he couldn't seem to show it. He knew the boy longed for his lost mother, just as Giles himself ached for a woman's gentle touch. But how did you tell a child that he'd been abandoned by the one person he needed most?A MOTHER'S SECRETThanks to fate, Melanie Haynes was now a member of the Haverill household. As little David's new nanny, she could soothe his troubles and dry his tears. But Melanie hadn't bargained on falling in love with Giles – or the pint-sized stranger who was her own flesh and blood… .

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781408991039