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The Map of Us: The most uplifting and unmissable feel good romance of 2018!

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2018 год
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One of the most original and charming books you will ever read, this is perfect for all those who love Eleanor Oliphant and The Keeper of Lost ThingsReaders love The Map of Us:‘A story that will melt even the most hardened soul … utterly charming’ Irish Times bestseller Carmel Harrington‘Quirky, original and humorous’ USA Today bestselling author Sue Fortin‘Totally addictive’ Joe Heap‘Beautiful, funny, warm and clever’ Darcie Boleyn‘An unexpected gem of a book’ Rachel Oakes, Litsy‘A very fresh, imaginative approach to a love story’ Kraftireader‘One to keep forever’ Celia J Anderson‘The best book I have read in many years’ Martin 6654, Amazon reviewer‘Without doubt one of the very best books I have ever read’ TAW, Amazon reviewer‘Buy it because every page is a treasure. Buy it because you'll love it … over and over again!’ Mart, Amazon reviewer‘So very worthy of five stars. Full of humour with touches of sadness. A true wordsmith’ Phil M, Amazon reviewer‘I don't usually write book reviews at 2.30 in the morning but I loved this book so much that I HAD to write my review as soon as I finished it…The characters in this book will stay with me for a long time’ Annalisa999, Amazon reviewer‘A beautiful sigh of a book’ Mees, Amazon reviewer***A story of love and lost directionsViolet North is wonderfully inconvenient. Abandoned by her family and lost in an imagined world of moors and adventure, her life changes in the space of just 37 words exchanged with a stranger at her front door.Decades later, Daniel Bearing has inherited his father's multi-million pound business, and is utterly lost. He has no idea who he is or where his life is headed.When Violet’s granddaughter’s marriage falls apart, Tilly, always adept with numbers, compiles a detailed statistical report to pinpoint why. But the Compatibility Index Tilly creates has unforeseen consequences for everyone in her world.Tilly and Daniel share a secret too. 10.37am, April 22nd.Soon, a complex web of secrets and lies is exposed and an adventure begins with a blue typewriter…

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9780008300968