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Secrets Of An Old Flame

Secrets Of An Old Flame

Secrets Of An Old Flame
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2019 год
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She'd walked away betrayed, brokenhearted…and pregnant. A year later, desperate to protect her infant son, frightened senseless by the bullets lodged in her bedroom wall, Nikki Walker was back in Joe Galtero's life. Back in his house. And hell-bent on staying out of his bed. It was a scandal that still dominated headlines: murder, embezzlement and a missing executive – Joe's prime suspect and Nikki's father.Torn between duty and honor, Joe had lost Nikki, his badge…and three months with a son he didn't know he had. Now, with the threats against Nikki increasing, Officer Galtero raised the stakes. He would settle for nothing less than family – even if it meant losing his badge and his heart all over again.

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781408946541