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Mood Swing

Mood Swing

Mood Swing
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2019 год
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NICE GIRLS DON'T JUST GET MAD…Meet «Nice Girl» SUSAN Roth: A hardworking E.R. nurse and mother, she's starting to resent putting other people's needs above her own….TONYA Rutherford: A savvy businesswoman, this Texas gal knows a lot about cheating husbands…but trust?And MONICA Saltzman: Poised and professional, this executive assistant has relied on her beauty to get ahead….Stressed to the max, these women have one thing in common–they've reached the breaking point. And when they flip out, the women land in an anger-management class. Now they can either follow their arrogant instructor's agenda–or take matters into their own hands. Because these women are about to discover that sometimes you need more than deep breathing to fix your problems….

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781472086952