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Золушка. Спящая красавица. Рапунцель / Cinderella. The Sleeping Beauty. Rapunzel

Золушка. Спящая красавица. Рапунцель / Cinderella. The Sleeping Beauty. Rapunzel
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В предлагаемый сборник вошли лучшие сказки для девочек, героини которых стали всемирно известными и любимыми благодаря многочисленным экранизациям и мультипликации. Тексты сказок сопровождаются комментариями к наиболее трудным для понимания словам и выражениям, а также упражнениями на проверку понимания прочитанного. В конце книги расположен словарь, облегчающий чтение.

Книга предназначается для тех, кто только начинает изучение английского языка (уровень 1 – Elementary).

В формате pdf A4 сохранен издательский макет.

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He was adventurous, so he decided to explore it. It was difficult to get through, for the trees and bushes grew in a thick tangle. A few hours later, he was about[40] to turn his horse and go back when he thought he could see something through the trees… He pushed back the branches… Wonder of wonders! There in front of him stood a castle with high towers. The young man stood in amazement,
“I wonder who this castle belongs to?” he thought.
The young Prince rode on towards the castle. The drawbridge was down and, holding his horse by the reins, he crossed over it. Immediately he saw the inhabitants draped all over the steps[41], the halls and courtyards, and said to himself,
“Good heavens![42] They’re dead!” But in a moment, he realised that they were sound asleep. “Wake up! Wake up!” he shouted, but nobody moved. Still thoroughly astonished, he went into the castle and again discovered more people, lying asleep on the floor. A little later the Prince reached the room where the beautiful Princess lay fast asleep[43]. For a long time he stood gazing at her face, so full of serenity, so peaceful, lovely and pure, and he felt spring to his heart that love he had always been searching for and never found[44]. Overcome by emotion, he went close, lifted the girl’s little white hand and gently kissed it…
At that kiss, the princess quickly opened her eyes, and wakening from her long long sleep, seeing the Prince beside her, murmured:
“Oh, you have come at last! I was waiting for you in my dream. I’ve waited so long!”
At that moment the spell was broken[45]. The Princess rose to her feet and the whole castle woke up too. Everybody rose to their feet and they all stared round in amazement, wondering what had happened. When they finally realised, they rushed to the Princess, more beautiful and happier than ever.
A few days later the Prince and Princess got married[46]. They lived happily ever after, as they always do in fairy tales[47], not quite so often, however, in real life.
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