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The Older Woman

The Older Woman

The Older Woman
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2018 год
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NO GUTS, NO GLORY…Or so paratrooper Captain Cal Doyle believed. But seduce tough-talking Nurse Katherine Meehan, who'd tended to him after his copter crash? Impossible! True, they were now next-door neighbors–yet they were years apart. And while Kate had survived breast cancer, Cal had barely survived hell….So just because Cal caught Kate crying in the rain…and her fussy feline cozied up to him…and the church ladies started matchmaking…and Kate suddenly looked so damn desirable–were those any reasons for a wounded warrior to woo a reluctant older woman? Besides, between Kate's stubborn defenses and Cal's mule-headed machismo, could these two survivors…survive each other?

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9781472082152