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Bush Boys

Bush Boys
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Оценка читателей
  • Chapter One. The Boors
  • Chapter Two. The “Kraal.”
  • Chapter Three. The “Springhaan.”
  • Chapter Four. A talk about Locusts
  • Chapter Five. The Locust-Flight
  • Chapter Six “Inspann and Trek!”
  • Chapter Seven “Water! Water!”
  • Chapter Eight. The fate of the Hero
  • Chapter Nine. A Lion “Couchant.”
  • Chapter Ten. A Lion in the Trap
  • Chapter Eleven. The Death of the Lion
  • Chapter Twelve. A talk about Lions
  • Chapter Thirteen. The travellers benighted
  • Chapter Fourteen. The “Trek-Boken.”
  • Chapter Fifteen. Spooring for a Spring
  • Chapter Sixteen. The terrible “Tsetse.”
  • Chapter Seventeen. The Long-Horned Rhinoceros
  • Chapter Eighteen. A heavy combat
  • Chapter Nineteen. The Death of the Elephant
  • Chapter Twenty. Turned Hunters
  • Chapter Twenty One “Jerking” an Elephant
  • Chapter Twenty Two. The hideous Hyena
  • Chapter Twenty Three. Stalking the Ourebi
  • Chapter Twenty Four. Little Jan’s Adventure
  • Chapter Twenty Five. A chapter upon Hyenas
  • Chapter Twenty Six. A house among the tree-tops
  • Chapter Twenty Seven. The battle of the wild peacocks
  • Chapter Twenty Eight. Upon the “Spoor.”
  • Chapter Twenty Nine. A rogue Elephant
  • Chapter Thirty. The missing hunter, and the Wildebeests
  • Chapter Thirty One. The Ant-Eater of Africa
  • Chapter Thirty Two. Hans chased by the Wildebeest
  • Chapter Thirty Three. Besieged by the Bull
  • Chapter Thirty Four. A helpless beast
  • Chapter Thirty Five. The elephant’s sleeping-roost
  • Chapter Thirty Six. Making the elephant’s bed
  • Chapter Thirty Seven. The Wild-Asses of Africa
  • Chapter Thirty Eight. Planning the capture of the Quaggas
  • Chapter Thirty Nine. The Pit-Trap
  • Chapter Forty. Driving in the Eland
  • Chapter Forty One. A wild ride on Quagga-back
  • Chapter Forty Two. The Gun-Trap
  • Chapter Forty Three. The Weaver-Birds
  • Chapter Forty Four. The Spitting-Snake
  • Chapter Forty Five. The Serpent-Eater
  • Chapter Forty Six. Totty and the Chacmas
  • Chapter Forty Seven. The wild hounds and the Hartebeest
  • Chapter Forty Eight. Conclusion