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Seduction Of The Reluctant Bride

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Seduction Of The Reluctant Bride

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2018 год


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WIFE-WRANGLIN' BRIDE-SEDUCIN' COWBOY Sam McCants was a steer-ropin', dust-on-his-britches kind of cowboy. So what in tarnation was this purebred Texan thinking, getting himself hitched to a citified bride – even if the arrangement was just for two months? Why, Faith Courtland had barely uttered «I do» before she took off for Lonesome Rock Mountain, muttering about some family inheritance.And if she hadn't been so surefire sexy, Sam might just have let the little spitfire head for the hills. But this husband wanted his wedding night . So he saddled up his stallion, and with a mighty «Giddy up!» and a yank on the reins, he set off through the mountain mist to rustle up one wily wife in need of proper seducing.

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Год издания: 2018
ISBN (EAN): 9781408990223