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Don’t Look Twice

Don’t Look Twice

Don’t Look Twice
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2019 год
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A breathtaking novel of suspense from the co-author five No 1 James Patterson bestsellers including Judge and Jury and Lifeguard, and the hit thrillers The Blue Zone and The Dark TideA drive-by shootingA dead public attorneyA gangland vendettaFor Ty Hauck, the local detective who gets caught in the cross-fire, it seems as if inner-city violence has invaded his quiet Greenwich suburb. Or does someone just want it to appear that way?Hauck knows there is far more at stake than preliminary digging indicates – maybe stretching as far as Washington and the Senate. And everyone, from the FBI to his own family, wants him to stop looking.But Ty ignores the warnings… with devastating and explosive consequences.

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9780007321742