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Forgiven but not Forgotten?

Forgiven but not Forgotten?

Forgiven but not Forgotten?
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2018 год
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‘Much as I hate to admit it, you might just be worth paying an astronomical amount of money to bed.’Siena DePiero might have blue blood in her veins, but she’s never coveted her family’s champagne lifestyle – it’s only ever brought her misery. But when the family’s bubble bursts they are all left destitute, and Siena’s only tradable asset is her virginity…Andreas Xenakis has waited years to get his revenge, and he’ll willingly pay to have Siena in his bed and at his mercy. But after just one night together everything Andreas once believed about poor little rich girl Siena is shattered…‘Finished but definitely not forgotten! A sizzling tale full of twists!’ – Hattie, 69, Bristol www.abby-green.com

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9781472002051