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Improper Conduct

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2018 год
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Ten erotica stories about inappropriate behaviour at work and the colleagues who go all the way on company time. ‘Improper Conduct’ includes hot erotica from Donna George Storey, Lux Zakari, Amber Leigh and Elizabeth Coldwell.The workplace has long been a pressure cooker of desire, sexual manipulation, and lustful obsessions for colleagues. Which is precisely why Mischief commissioned ten erotica short stories to explore the explicit shenanigans of work mates who just can’t contain themselves.One girl’s obsession with a female co-worker leads to repeat offences of sensual misconduct on company premises.Gloria’s inappropriate wardrobe and behaviour results in disciplinary action that is more pleasure than pain.Zara’s fantasies all come true on the day she agrees to take instructions from a very perceptive colleague.

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9780007479191