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Tarte Tatin: More of La Belle Vie on Rue Tatin

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2019 год


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Further adventures on life in a small French town from Susan Loomis, cookery book writer and author of ‘On Rue Tatin’.‘On Rue Tatin’ was a delightful discovery, and every reader asked for more. The life on Rue Tatin seemed like a dream fulfilled.Now in ‘Tarte Tatin’, Susan Loomis shares with us how she, her husband and two children settled into life in a small French town, learnt about their neighbours and how to be accepted as inhabitants of the town. With her son going to a French school and her husband finding work in the town, Susan Loomis discovers the joys of the French lifestyle – the markets and the food in particular – but also some of the difficulties, particularly for those who are not born French.The creation of the long dreamt-of cookery school is a story of great appeal – everyone who has ever thought of starting their own small business will enjoy the ups and downs of their enterprise, and long to go to Rue Tatin.

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