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The Cheek Perforation Dance

The Cheek Perforation Dance

The Cheek Perforation Dance
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2018 год
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A dark, compelling tale of sex, guilt and morality, exploring the complexity of date rape, from the author of Kissing EnglandA He Said/She Said novel about date-rape, that tells the dramatic story of a compulsive, obsessive, profoundly carnal love affair between a rich NorthLondon princess and a bolshy Anglo-Irishman: a love affair that somehow ends up in the gladiatorial arena of court number 18, the Old Bailey.But it isn’t just a courtroom drama, nor is it just a highly sexed love story. In its examination of rape and the issue of rape, at the contemporarylynch law we apply to love and lust, it offers a startling new look at the savage and eternal war between the sexes.As boy and girl fight with the guilt of their own longings, The Cheek Perforation Dance becomes a startlingly honest, often unsettling examination of a very modern romance.

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9780007485420