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Morphine the phantom of love

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Morphine the phantom of love

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2024 год


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Being dependent on his first love the Painter follows his grey days. They are hollow. The only one woman he loved disappeared in an unforeseen storm. Phantom of lost love sometimes driving him crazy. Morphine is the key to the dates with her. And only high school forthputting student Valerie, fell in love with her drawing teacher, could change everything. The borderline between what is already not there and still not there, thinner like never before. Triangle of feelings, emotional chute-the-chute, the story of the first- and last love throughout the pages of novel “Morphine the Phantom of Love”. Love without barriers…is love without age? Or beyond reality? Have a dip.

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Дата написания: 
8 марта 2024
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Дата поступления: 
19 марта 2024
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6 ч.