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Braver Men Walk Away

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2018 год
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First published in 1993 and now available as an ebook. The bestselling story of one man’s fight against terrorism.Extraordinary courage, steely professionalism and ruthless determination are vital for the bomb-disposal man who risks his life daily to save others. Peter Gurney MBE, GM & Bar is such a man. In this compelling account of a career on the front line of the fight against crime and international terrorism, he tells how:• he defuzed the mortar bomb used in the attack on Downing Street• discovered the body of his best friend after the Wimpy Bar explosion and then went on to defuze a second device• was moved to tears by the horror of the Harrods bombing• advised many foreign governments on anti-terrorism, and was an expert witness in the Lockerbie case.Braver Men Walk Away is a fascinating and unique chronicle of an astonishing career, told with the typical humour and modesty of a reluctant hero.

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9780008219406