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The Man, The Ring, The Wedding

The Man, The Ring, The Wedding

The Man, The Ring, The Wedding
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2019 год
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WITH THESE RINGSTAMING THE TYCOONJust when Angelina Covelli was about to pitch her hopes of a «forever man» into the whistling wind, along came the dreamiest bachelor. John Rossi was gorgeous, sophisticated, wealthy–and just passing through town. Which put the dark tycoon off-limits!Angelina was so innocent…and utterly irresistible. But kissing was not part of the plan. His true identity secret, John intended to complete his family's vendetta against the Covellis. No matter how alluring he found sweet Angelina, John would never compromise his mission by wedding the enemy. Then again, he did have that ruby ring….…who will wed?

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781472070470