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Married By Midnight

Married By Midnight

Married By Midnight
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2019 год
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Oh, what a night!How had Maxwell Taylor ended up naked…in a honeymoon suite…with Kelly O'Rourke at his side? The last thing the Boston blue blood remembered was catching the garter at a wedding and putting it on sweet Kelly's shapely leg. Then the memories hit him: He and this redheaded spitfire of a stranger had gotten hitched last night. And, if his dated body could be trusted, they'd just consummated their wedding!But before the midnight groom could absorb this monumental fact, his blushing bride had one more surprise. Kelly's military father and three brawny brothers were about to break down the door. And there would be no getting out of this situation unscathed, for in the O'Rourke family, marriage was forever…!

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781474020862