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The Most Expensive Lie of All

The Most Expensive Lie of All

The Most Expensive Lie of All
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2019 год
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Winning at all costs?Shameless Cruz Rodriguez swapped the polo field for the boardroom eight years ago, where his killer instincts have made him a phenomenally wealthy man. But there’s a hitch in his latest deal – in the sultry form of Aspen Carmichael…Champion horse-breeder Aspen has never forgotten Cruz – their searing encounter was the one pleasure in her increasingly desperate life. So when darkly handsome Cruz reappears with a multi-million-dollar investment offer Aspen is torn. She might crave his touch, but beneath his glittering black eyes lies a deception that could prove more costly than ever before!‘Pages and pages of pure romance, loved it!’– Elaine, 41, Loughtonwww.michelleconder.com

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781472042071