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Rogue's Reform

Rogue's Reform

Rogue's Reform
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2019 год
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HEARTBREAK CANYON–THE MEN OF HEARTBREAK LIVE BY THEIR OWN RULES–PROTECT THE LAND, HONOR THE FAMILY…AND NEVER LET A GOOD WOMAN GO!ONE MOMENT OF PLEASUREEthan James had spend a lifetime looking for trouble. Until he received a photo of a woman who seven months ago, had claimed him, body and soul–for a single night. A woman who was now seven months pregnant…TWO ALTERED LIVESGrace Prescott had always accepted what little she'd been given. Then Ethan resurfaced, proposing marriage for the child's sake. But she wanted the whole dream. The baby–and a husband who loved her. And this time, she wasn't going to settle for less…

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9781472077745