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Pop Tart

Pop Tart

Pop Tart
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2019 год
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She was America's sweetheart. Until the love affair ended with a bang…Young make-up artist Jackie Reilly has always dreamed of making it big in TinselTown, concealing the flaws of the rich and famous. Stuck in a rut with a crazy boss, she thinks her big break will never come – until she meets a girl who guarantees her life will never be the same again…16-year-old Brooke Parker is bubbly, vivacious, charming – and about to become the world's most famous teenager. A pop singer on the verge of superstardom, Brooke instantly takes a shine to Jackie and draws her into a world of white-stretch limos, screaming fans and invitations to VIP events.But as Jackie quickly finds out, fame has its dark side. Forced to juggle the various egos of Brooke's entourage – from bitchy stylists to over-eager publicists and a manager that serves his own interests before all else – all preserving the golden girl image of brand Brooke.Caught in the tight grip of the P.R machine, Brooke starts to rebel, taking Jackie along for the ride. At first her bad girl antics are a blast, earning her even more column inches, but when her heavy partying brings Brooke's demons to the surface she begins to fall apart and soon, she is taking Jackie down with her.When Jackie is forced to learn the rules of showbusiness the hard way, her friendship with Brooke is put to the ultimate test – will she be yet another casualty of Brooke's increasing quest for fame?Or can she save herself – and Brooke?

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Год издания: 2019

ISBN (EAN): 9780007331451