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Boundaries: Step Three: Love and Intimacy

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2018 год


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Do you often feel you can’t say no?Are you spread too thin between your relationships and your responsibilities? Is there never time to do the things that really matter to you?There is a solution to this very modern chaos: boundaries. It’s undeniable that setting clear boundaries in our relationships and families, our home and our workplace would improve life for everyone in this fast-moving world. But where do you start?Boundaries offers hands-on practical exercises, case studies and lessons on personal boundaries, families and the real shape of healthy relationships and friendships. It gives you the perfect tools to develop good habits in all areas of your life: from sleep and eating to dating and social media use.Dive into this groundbreaking four part programme and you will begin to develop the right personal boundaries to find a life that nourishes and fulfils you, and hands control of your life back to you – once and for all.This part will teach you how to apply boundaries to your emotional life. It will cover:– Love Limits- Staying in Love- Love Leaving- Looking for Love- Friends and FrenemiesThese books can be read individually or as a series in any order.Jennie Miller MSc is a Transactional Analysis psychotherapist, trainer and relationship expert with 20 years’ experience. Victoria Lambert is an award-winning journalist on health and wellbeing issues.

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